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Workout Routines – Developing a Plan

Workout Routines – Developing a Plan

Exercise is Medicine Australia, says that exercise at the “correct density and duration” is key to health. To make sure you are exercising correctly, your workout regime needs to be well planned if it’s going to be a success. Whether you want to get a head start on a great bikini body over the winter, general body toning around the waist, rear, arms and thighs, or a focus on burning fat to drop a dress size, there’s likely to be a workout plan to suit you.

What to Include

Balanced workout routines include weights as well as cardio. The proportion of strength-based training to cardio exercise depends on your goal. Strength training helps with suppleness as well as defining shape. Women need not usually worry about overdoing it and becoming muscular: it takes a great deal of sustained heavy exercise for a woman to look like a bodybuilder, in the order of hours of weight training every day.

If you’re not into gym routines, why not consider dance? As well as popular routines like Zumba, many more formal styles such as the tango are extremely athletic!

When to Exercise

The best time of day to exercise really depends on you and your lifestyle. If you are a “lark” who likes to get up early, then fit exercise in before work. If you are an afternoon person or a night owl, then perhaps post-work exercise is for you.

Where to Exercise

Other than the gym, you can work out at home, in the park or on the beach – by yourself or with others. Many routines are available online, including some simple general home routines for beginners, with warm-ups as well as specific routines for women.

Exercising with a Health Condition

Factsheets are available at outlining the benefits of exercise for a range of health conditions along with appropriate exercises. On the same site you can also find help with planning an exercise program, including exercise guidelines and a free Lifestyle Activity Questionnaire. Women’s fitness may never have been easier!