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Why Kids Should See you Exercise – Pina Critoph

Why Kids Should See you Exercise – Pina Critoph

Kids are like sponges and they absorb everything around them – the good and the bad. If exercise is part of your life and part of your family routine then your kids are more likely to take part in exercise, sporting activities and live a healthier lifestyle.

Pina Critoph is the youngest of four girls from Italian migrants who was more focused on academic work whilst she was young, rather than anything sporty.

“Growing up I was never into sports, or any form of exercise and I used every excuse not to do something that I knew was good for me,” said Pina.

Pina travelled through the traditional path of university, marriage and kids and as her kids got older she started to realise that it was harder and harder to keep up with them. Working fulltime in an office based role, managing a team, she found that she was always tired and grumpy.

“Having two young boys, aged 8 and 6 years old I realised I needed to set an example for them. So I gave up smoking; joined a gym and started eating healthy. I gave myself a target to run 5km – which I did and then some,” said Pina.

“My kids were already very active but now they are even more so – they are also now aware of what are healthy food choices.

“They know what carbs and protein are and they know what good foods to eat are and what to have in moderation.

“They come along with me to my fun runs and they are always there at the finish line cheering me on. The next step is getting them to take part in a little run – they can’t wait to do what mummy does.”

Vlad Shatrov, Runlab founder and trainer says if your kids see you exercising you develop a culture of exercise in your family.

“It is great for your kids to see you exercise. Not only does it become an activity that is normal for members of your family to do, they can see that exercise is a really positive thing to have in your life – you make friends, you have fun and you get to go to travel to new and interesting places.

“Exercise can also really bring the family together – either achieving a goal together like a fun run or celebrating one member of the family’s success,” said Vlad.

Create a culture of exercise in your family – it can be a lot of fun for everyone and teach your kids some great life lessons along the way.

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