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How to make time to run when you have a family

How to make time to run when you have a family

Lisa is a busy mum of three who works night shifts as part of her 58 hour fortnight role as a Nurse Manager at Manly Hospital. She is new to running having come from being 120kgs in the last few years.

It would be easy to think that she doesn’t have time to train for a 5k event let alone the numerous half marathons and 50k events that she takes part in but Lisa makes running a priority in her week and she says that is first step in making it happen.

 “You need to make running one of the activities that you really want to do in the week,” said Lisa.

 “Everyone is busy and everyone can come up with a reason why they don’t have time for running whether it is work, kids, school or wider family pressures but you have to decide that you are going to fit it in,” said Lisa,

The next step is to plan when you are going to run.

“I work 58 hours every fortnight and some of those hours are night shifts and I have three kids to get to school and college. This shifts don’t generally change but other things always come up.

“Each weekend I look at the coming week ahead and plan when I am going to train. I like to include three or four group outdoor training sessions and two runs as well as netball and a few other things that keep me busy so it is important to schedule those runs in.”

Even the most passionate runners need to set themselves goals to keep motivated

“Setting a goal gives me something to work towards and keeps me motivated – especially during the winter months. I like to mix things up a bit with my events – I include some trail run events as well as on road along with changing the distance aim for,” said Lisa.

Choose friends who inspire you to be fit and you enjoy exercising with. Running together can be a great way to catch up with friends and inspire and motivate each other to keep running.

Lisa went through a major change in her life losing 60kgs a few years ago and now has a whole new set of friends as well as a healthier lifestyle.

“I’ve made some really great friends through training together and travelling to events – it is a special connection you make with someone when you push each other out of your comfort zone. I definitely got more than just a healthier body when I got fit.”

Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people and they will help you stay motivated and have a lot of fun together. If you don’t have them in your life currently, find a training or running group to join which will enable you to make friends with motivated people.

Lisa thanks her family for all their support, “I’m lucky to have a supportive husband and family who enjoy to support and join in on my challenges, we all need a cheer squad at events so make sure you find someone to cheer you over the line and enjoy your achievement.”

Following these tips to include running in your busy lifestyle and enjoy more than just a healthier body.

  1. Decide that running is going to be an important part of your week
  2. Plan ahead when you are going to run in your week
  3. Set yourself goals
  4. Find friends to train and take part in events with

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