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How to look after your Feet and Toes

How to look after your Feet and Toes

If you have started running recently or you are a regular runner you may have noticed that your feet and toes need some extra attention as you clock up the kms with your training.

There are a few basic tips to follow to help maintain your feet and toes to ensure they stay your loyal friend rather than halting your training:


Go to a specialist running shoe shop and have an expert recommend the type and size of sneaker you should wear. It can be tempting to buy your sneakers online but not only will you be supporting small Aussie businesses, you will also get a better shoe that will fit correctly and be appropriate for the distance and type of running you do.


Pay equal attention to your socks as you do to your sneakers. There are a myriad of different types of running socks available including variations in types of fabric, length, colour and individual toe segments or not. Each person will have their own preference so work out what is best for you in the conditions that you run in.

Clock your Distance

There are a few different running apps that you can use to track your kms which means you can keep any eye on how much distance your sneakers have done and therefore how much life they have left in them. By changing your sneakers when they are past their best you may help prevent running related injuries.

Dry Skin

Dry skin can form where shoes rub and this can become painful if rubbed over a long distance. Maintain smooth skin on your feet with skin smoothing products which can be picked up from most chemists.

Chill your Toes

Some runners find in summer their feet swell with the heat. If this is something that you struggle with select socks that allow the moisture to be wicked away from the skin surface and treat yourself an ice bath or run cold water over your feet once you have finished training.

Roll the Golf Ball

Paying for massages when you run regularly can become an expensive exercise. You can give yourself a regular foot massage by simply placing a golf ball on the floor and rolling it with the bottom of your foot whilst sitting down. See if you can find tight spots and gently work on them whilst watching tv or reading.

If you put a small amount of effort into maintaining your feet and toes they will continue to serve you well.

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