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How to Keep Motivated in the Winter Months

How to Keep Motivated in the Winter Months

Even the most motivated of runners can find it difficult to get up on a cold winter morning, put on their lycra and leave a warm, dry house for a run in the dark and sometime wet weather. But with a couple of key tips you can stay motivated throughout the winter months. Vlad Shatrov, Runlab founder and trainer says you need to first address some basic clothing needs.

“In the cooler months there are a couple of items that you should invest in which will go a long way to keeping you more comfortable. The first is a light weight running jacket with reflective strips which will keep you warmer, dry and more visible. The second is a pair of long running tights to keep your bottom half warm – made of lycra they will also keep moisture away from your skin,” said Vlad.

“You could also buy a running light to wear which makes you more visible to traffic and pedestrians – you can get lightweight ones that you won’t even know that you are wearing after a small amount of time.”

Once you have those basics organised there are a couple of more specific tips from Vlad Shatrov to help you keep running in the winter.

  1. One of the strongest motivators for runners is working towards a specific event. Many of the longer events take place towards the end of winter or in spring – sign up for one of these events, workout a training program and keep reminding yourself what you are working toward – paying for a race entry is a great motivator.
  2. Establish a group of running friends, or even just one person that you can run with. A commitment that you are going to run together makes it harder for you not do the training session. If you don’t have anyone in your life currently that you can run with, join a running group to meet like-minded people and make some more friends.
  3. It can be lonely pounding the pavements in your suburb where you don’t have other runners to smile at as you pass each other. Plan to travel where others run at least once a week – for many of us popular running tracks are just a short drive away. Places where you will find runners are usually along coastal paths such as between Mereweather and Newcastle or around icons such as the Sydney Opera House or Bondi Beach. If you are out and about with other runners your activity will feel more normal and encourage you to do it more often.
  4. Why not use the winter months as a time to try something new. Look out for specials that gyms run to entice people to keep training during the winter months such as Hot Bikram Yoga or other cross training classes. You will stay warm and may find they help maintain your body and help prevent injuries.

The winter months can be a fantastic time to maintain your running program and enable you hit the summer months fit and healthy.