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10km run training program

10km run training program

For Beginner – Intermediate Runners

Power Walk or Slow jog for 5 minutes before you start any workout

When you are doing your Interval (Thursday) and Time Trial (Saturday or Sunday) sessions ensure you spend more time warming up your muscles by doing some running drills such as 3 x sets of High Knee Drills and 3 x sets of Butt Kick Drills over 20 metres

There are loads of videos demonstrating these drills –  here are a couple of good examples:

NB. Research has found that doing stretches before a training session do not decrease the chance of injury.  Save them for after running.


Stretches are essential for guarding against injuries and reducing post-training muscle stiffness.  You should be holding your stretches for at least 40 seconds.  For this Training Program 10km, you should be focusing the stretches on your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes.

Watch the following video for a complete 5 minute warm down to help prevent injuries


TRAINING PROGRAM 10KM – 12 Week Program Day By Day

Monday – Time-related workout
Walk/run for the time indicated
Run as much as you can and walk when needed

Tuesday – Distance-related workout
Walk/run for the distance indicated
Run as much as you can and walk when needed

Thursday – Interval training
Fast run and recovery walk for times and number of sets indicated

Sat / Sun – Time trial
Cover the distance indicated as fast as you can and record your times
Walk if/when needed for recovery

10k training plan

Peter Bristow and Shannon Bell are qualified Personal Trainers and Owners of Balmain Personal Training in Sydney. They have more than 20 years combined experience in helping people achieve their fitness goals. 


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